Packing personal belongings when moving

Our experts will pack all your belongings quickly, efficiently and with maximum care. It is essential to protect small and delicate items by packing them properly.
stěhování v praze
Moving preparations can be a bit chaotic at times and there is one of the most important aspects that often doesn’t get enough attention until the very last minute – packing, from common household utensils, fragile items, books, clothes to important documents. We have the right tools and equipment to ensure proper packing of electronics and all the other items, small or large. We will give you a lot of friendly advice regarding packing and filling moving boxes. Organize a garage sale, donate items that you will no longer need to somebody who can still use them or have them recycled. After our company arrives on the moving day, we will fix any packing deficiencies for a fraction of the cost. During moving, packing is probably the most time-consuming process, and it often presents more challenges than we might think. Fortunately, our company will be there to help you with this exhausting task. You found us; you don’t have to look anywhere else.

Fast transfer

Top-quality packing of your belongings

Possibility of storage

Affordable price

Our additional moving services

Moving Prague

Moving apartments, houses, offices, companies, and warehouses not only in and around Prague. Show offer

Moving in the Czech Republic

Our moving company provides moving services not only in Prague, but also throughout the Czech Republic.
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Moving abroad or back to the Czech Republic

If you move abroad or back to the Czech Republic, we will also be glad to help you.
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Moving companies and institutions in Prague

We will move your office, shop or warehouse quickly, safely and reliably. We also provide storage for your belongings during the move. Show offer

Apartment clearance

Do you need to clear out an apartment fast and reliably? Use our professional apartment clearance service!
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Moving service for heavy items in Prague

Do you need to move heavy items in Prague and are you looking for a reliable and efficient moving service? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our company specializes in moving heavy items within the Prague area, we will adapt to all your needs and requirements.
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Storing your belongings during moving

We can provide storage for your furniture and electrical equipment from your apartment and also for your personal belongings and other items during the move.
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Rental of moving boxes

We provide rental of boxes for moving.
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