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Moving boxes and other tips

It’s finally here! You already know where you’ll be moving to, so now you must determine the exact date of your move. Once the date is decided, your task is clear – you can either pack everything yourself or leave it to the professionals.

zapůjčení krabic na stěhování

Go through the apartment two or three times and try to visualize all the work that will have to be done. Do you think that it will take an hour or two? Or do you feel that you will not be able to do all that by yourself? I recommend using the packing of personal items to partially clean up and get rid of unnecessary papers, etc. Packing will also be easier with the right partner.

Fast transfer

Top-quality packing of your belongings

Possibility of storage

Affordable price

What will you need for the move besides a moving company?

Crates and cardboard boxes for moving

Moving boxes, ideally crates, are the most important thing for packing things for your move.
You can save money by packing your kitchenware, china, books, clothes, bedding and small electronics yourself in the boxes.
The optimal size of moving boxes is approximately 52 x 39 x 24 cm.
They should have a solid bottom and lid! They should be able to hold 30 kg.
(You should however always do your best to mix their contents so that they would not weigh more than about 20 kg.)
The boxes must be stackable!
Each one should be labelled and marked as “fragile” or “This side up” if required.

If you’re planning your move in advance and are tempted to get banana boxes, you will have to be patient, because you’re probably not the only one…
1. Yes, they sell bananas everywhere, fortunately we don’t have to stand in queues to buy them anymore, but supermarkets often use these boxes to return expired food and send them away. Just like you, they’re trying to save money.
2. You will have to travel to different places to collect one, two or three banana boxes and unless you consider this your now hobby, it will not be pleasant. And anyway, who really likes to spend their time this way?
3. You will probably need 10, 20, 30 or even more banana boxes…
4. Just think about it, how long will you be collecting them? And most importantly, where will you store them before you actually need them for your move?
Moving services help customers with packing before the move, that’s what they are here for and that is what you pay them to do!
Do you feel that banana boxes might not be the best solution after all?
Feel free to contact us <> and we will provide you with boxes – still today if needed.
We are also able deliver the boxes directly to your home on a pre-arranged day, also in the evening if required.

Bubble wrap instead of newspaper

Filling and protective materials, such as polystyrene, foam and also newspapers and bubble wrap, are an indispensable aid when moving. The purchase price of newspapers is insignificant, you can also use advertising leaflets that arrive in your mailbox every day.
But newspapers have two disadvantages – the printing ink from the paper tends to leak and stain porcelain, and it will not protect fragile items the way bubble wrap does.
The moving service will provide you with all the materials and bubble wrap for your move, so you can safely move your valuables with maximum care.

Shrink wrap, an excellent way of fixing

We recommend wrapping virtually all furniture, your fridge, washing machine, chairs and sofa using the shrink wrap. Even if we take the utmost care when moving, we can’t go against the weather and natural influences.
Furthermore, elevators that are used for moving are not always very clean…
Shrink wrapping will protect your furniture and appliances from scratches, moisture and dirt and without this basic wrapping, moving companies will not provide you with warranties for minor damage.

Cellotape, labels and markers

Cellotape is a great invention of modern times. Your moving company will be happy to help you choose the right one that will not do irreversible damage to your furniture.
Keep it at hand during your move. It is useful when you need attach screws to a shelf, secure a drawer, stick a note to a box or fix torn bubble wrap.
And a marker or a pen? Without that, you’re 100% going to get terribly stressed out after moving and unpacking because you’ll be unpacking glasses in the bedroom and books in the kitchen.
All boxes need to be labelled so that you know what they contain and which room they belong to in your new apartment!

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