About our family-owned moving company


Our company have been active in the field of moving, logistics, transport of materials and international transport *since 2002*. Over the time we have moved more than 10,000 customers in Prague, the Central Bohemia region, the whole Czech Republic, but also in several European Union countries such as Slovakia, Italy, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Germany, France, Sweden and Denmark, Spain, Kosovo, Lithuania, and also to countries with special status, such as the Canary Islands.

5 reasons to choose us for your move

  1. We have got many years of experience in moving – since 2002
  2. Insurance up to the amount of 3.000.000 CZK is included in the price of the move
  3. You don’t pay for mileage within Prague
  4. We offer moving single items in Prague from 2,500 CZK
  5. We like our job and do it to the best of our ability

Years of trust

Trucks and moving equipment

For moving, we use specially adapted trucks. Their box bodies are equipped with padding, fastening straps, an extension platform and other basic moving truck equipment, such as blankets, pads and other aids that ensure safe and top-quality moving. When working, we use blankets and elastic straps to fix the furniture and other transported items. For more demanding moving operations, for international transport, e.g. to England, Sweden or Denmark, and always when using a ferry, it is necessary to use foam rubber, mattresses and polystyrene to prevent the transported items from shifting within the truck.

baleni pri stehovani

We will do our best to keep your belongings safe!

We use bubble foil, stretch foil and corrugated paper to pack not only computer equipment, but also antiquities, furniture, valuables and all other items that require it and also when handling heavy items. Where necessary, we also secure elevators and corners in the common areas of a house. In every truck we have professional moving equipment such as sack trucks, trolleys and transport platforms. We use stretch straps and elastic binders to fix the furniture to the wall, and soft textile braces whenever moving items in Prague + EUROPE and also in international transport. When moving heavy and bulky items, machinery, office equipment, computers, copy machines and printers, works of art and antiquities, we only use workers with the highest level of experience. The size of the used vehicle and the number of workers used for a particular job depends on the volume of the moved items and also on the customer’s wishes. Please see the vehicle fleet page for the vehicles that we offer.