Removal price list

We are always happy to meet the individual needs of all our customers and therefore we are able to offer you two possible ways of charging that we can agree upon after we inspect the premises to be moved together. The selected charging method will be chosen based on out agreement. We offer billing based on both hourly and fixed prices. Fixed pricing guarantees the amount determined based on the size and layout of the apartment, and the final price may differ only to a minimum extent and in precisely defined percentage range that we agree on in advance. To be able to use this option, we must know exactly where we are moving to as well. When using hourly prices, we always prepare a statement of work in which you will be able to see how long the work took, it will also include all additional services. Hourly pricing is suitable for jobs where the exact scope of work is not clear in advance. In both cases the customer’s cooperation is important. Before a larger move, our staff will visit you to calculate the cost of the move with you. (usually within 24 hours) Our price list is clear, as is the final settlement that includes statement of work and invoice.

Removal price list including truck rental (hourly)

Iveco + 1 worker

1800,- Kč

Iveco + 2 workers

2200,- Kč

Iveco + 3 workers

2600,- Kč

Iveco incl. trailer+ 1 worker

2200,- Kč

Iveco incl. trailer+ 2 workers

2800,- Kč

Iveco incl. trailer+ 3 workers

3200,- Kč

Mercedes + 1 worker

1900,- Kč

Mercedes + 2 workers

2300,- Kč

Mercedes + 3 workers

2700,- Kč

Every additional worker in the crew

600,- Kč

1 worker working without a truck

700,- Kč

The minimum invoiced price is 2.5 hours (except for when only a few items are moved)

Transportation price list for moving

Bringing a truck to the location within Prague

1100-2600,- Kč
According to the number of workers

Bringing a truck to the location outside of Prague + mileage on the way to the location and back

1100-2600,- Kč

Transportation of a worker or several workers in Prague when moving within a single building

2200,- Kč

*Mileage (always charged both ways (to the location and back))*

Transportation of worker(s)

25,- Kč / km

Iveco,mercedes + 1 worker (the driver)

19,- Kč / km

Iveco,mercedes + 2 workers

22,- Kč / km

Iveco,mercedes + 3 workers

25,- Kč / km

Iveco,mercedes + 1 worker (the driver)

25,- Kč / km

Iveco,mercedes incl. trailer + 2 workers

27,- Kč / km

Iveco, mercedes incl. trailer + 3 workers

29,- Kč / km

Motorway tolls, tolls and parking fees are not included in the price.

Removal price list – fixed prices in Prague from:

several items from

2500,- Kč

1/kk od

8500,- Kč

2+1/kk od

12500,- Kč

3+1/kk od

22000,- Kč

3+1 od

27000,- Kč

4+1 od

32000,- Kč

Case Study

Our price

KVALITNISTEHOVANI LOGO dark 3 1 - Removal price list - Kvalitní stěhování Praha
16 500,-
cenik postavicky - Removal price list - Kvalitní stěhování Praha

Work during the removal
7.5 hrs of work x 2,200,-

Resulting price:
16 500,-



18 400,-
cenik postavicky - Removal price list - Kvalitní stěhování Praha

Work during the removal
11.5 hrs of work x 1,600,-

Resulting price:
18 400,-

We offer the following services to our customers for free or at no extra charge:

You pay no extra fees for holidays and weekends. The initial meeting, advisory services and quotation, preparation of the workflow and non-stop phone support are for free. Preparation of the final work plan and control over its implementation are also free of charge. And rental of boxes on the day of the move is free of charge as well. Disconnection of appliances other than gas is free of charge. Handling light items up to 80 kg is free of charge. Minor furniture disassembly and its expert assembly is free of charge. You don’t even pay mileage within Prague. Our price also includes premium insurance up to 3.000.000, – CZK including insurance of antiques or paintings.

Fair dealing and clear billing lead our company in the right direction! We are honest and proud movers.

That is why we would like to stress that: packaging material, its delivery and removal, box rental, deliveries, large-scale dismantling and assembly, heavy loads over 80 kg, bulky pieces that are difficult to handle on staircases and in corridors, collection yard entrances and clearance work, working in dusty environment, working at night, moving without the use of lifts, parking on the sidewalk and as well as arranging temporary property occupation with the authorities will be charged on top of the price of the move. Packing personal belongings and furniture, working in confined spaces (attics, basements etc.) will also be paid extra. For international moves, extra fees also include travel expenses, staff allowances, accommodation, for customs declaration fees etc. *We therefore always ask the customer to provide all necessary information in advance and we stress that they should share as many details as possible so that all that information can be included in the estimated price.* *We are looking for customers who realize that:* *they can only compare quotes from moving companies if they have given them the same scope of work to base their quote on* *-not all companies provide realistic calculation of the estimated working time* *-mutual trust from the first moment to the end is the foundation of success*

What you can expect when you choose our services:

Why choose us:

*Experience*: We have had have many years of experience in moving not only in Prague, but all over Europe. *Reliability*: We offer reliable and secure services for your peace of mind. *Flexibility*: We will always adapt to your needs and time constraints to provide you with the best moving experience. *Quality*: We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and client satisfaction is our topmost priority.