Moving heavy items Prague

Moving heavy items – pianos, upright pianos, safes

We move heavy items in Prague, all over the Czech Republic, but also beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, in other EU countries. Upright pianos, pianos or heavy pieces of furniture are among the most moved heavy items. Heavy loads of course also include private residential or business safes. We are ready to move them even in unconventional ways, such as through windows, terraces or balconies. The only limitations are the laws of physics.
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Moving heavy items individually

We either move heavy items as part of a larger moving project or also individually, i.e. we only move the single heavy item. Prices for moving heavy items are individual based on the complexity and on the specific requirements of the moving project. If you are looking to move or relocate a large and heavy item such as a copier, a printing machine, a piano, an upright piano, a safe, a wardrobe or furniture made of solid wood, then you have come to the right place. We have many years of experience in moving various heavy items. When moving heavy loads, we use appropriate machinery.

Fast transfer

Top-quality packing of your belongings

Possibility of storage

Affordable price

Why choose our service for moving heavy items?

Experienced team: Our company has experienced and trained professionals with extensive experience in moving heavy loads. Thanks to them, you can rest assured that your valuable cargo will be transported in a safe way and without any damage. Modern equipment: We use state-of-the-art equipment and technologies for moving heavy items that allow us to handle different types of loads efficiently and safely. No matter what the size or weight of your item is, we are aways ready to provide you with professional assistance. Flexibility and reliability: We are well aware that every moving process is unique and we do our best to be as flexible as possible to meet your individual needs. On top of that, our company emphasizes reliability and meeting deadlines that we have agreed on to give you peace of mind. Safety: Your safety and the safety of your property is our foremost priority. That’s why we approach handling heavy items with the utmost care and always follow all safety standards and procedures. Whether you need to move heavy machinery, equipment, furniture or other items, our moving service is ready to provide you with a complete solution from start to finish. Contact us today and put your heavy load in our reliable hands!

Our additional moving services

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Our moving company provides moving services not only in Prague, but also throughout the Czech Republic.
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If you move abroad or back to the Czech Republic, we will also be glad to help you.
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Moving service for heavy items in Prague

Do you need to move heavy items in Prague and are you looking for a reliable and efficient moving service? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our company specializes in moving heavy items within the Prague area, we will adapt to all your needs and requirements.
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Storing your belongings during moving

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